Thursday, August 22, 2013

Monument 14 Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne

I hate when a sequel disappoints…I loved Monument 14 and really was excited for the sequel.  My first issue  was that it was only 210 pages, what?!?   It read more like an online novella than the actual second book in the series.  The book ends with another cliffhanger and an apparent continuation in the series and not sure if I will tune in.  This just felt rushed and incomplete…overall a disappointment.

Book Description From Booklist

The toxic cloud released in Monument 14 (2012) split our struggling group of kids into two factions: those like Alex, 13, who are using the junked school bus in hopes of reaching the Denver airport, where supposedly assistance awaits; and those who remained barricaded inside the superstore, including Alex’s 16-year-old brother, Dean. There is some hastiness to Laybourne’s prose here, but the trade-off is a fair one: the split point of view accelerates the drama as the bus is hijacked, the superstore breached, and certain characters learn to use their toxin-induced homicidal rage to reach their goals. Pretty darn breathless by the end. Grades 8-11. --Daniel Kraus

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