Friday, September 18, 2015

Field Trip by Gary Paulson and Jim Paulson

Oh my word, this book makes me want to run to a shelter and adopt all.the.dogs. I loved the first book, Road Trip, and the second definitely did not disappoint.  You will definitely feel all the feels with this one.

Book Description via Amazon

Father-and-son writing team Gary and Jim Paulsen pick up where their Road Trip left off. Ben has been invited to try out for a special hockey academy. But Dad wants Ben to catch up to the school field trip instead. So Ben, Dad, and their dogs, Atticus and Conor, jump into their truck. Ben concocts a secret plan to make the tryout, but Atticus and Conor are on to him. Ben and Dad’s road trip turns into a wacky adventure full of new friends and surprises.

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