Thursday, July 3, 2014

Half Bad by Sally Green

This is something new in the already saturated paranormal market.  Nathan is a half black/half white witch trying to figure out his place in the world.  I love the concept that nothing is entirely bad or good, everyone has capacity to be both.  The white witches are supposed to be the "good" ones, yet some of them act horrifically.  And conversely, the black witches are supposed to be "bad" and yet there are some really good ones that help Nathan along the way.  No spoilers but Gabriel is one of my favorite characters.  The book ends with a big cliff hanger, which I kinda hate, especially in a brand new series (because I have no patience).  This is a young adult novel but has lots of adult appeal...and it has already been option to be a movie, so its going to by HUGE.

From Booklist

*Starred Review* Black and white, good and evil. Is it really that straightforward? For 16-year-old Nathan, it is not; he is neither. Born the illegitimate son of a white witch mother and a black witch father, he is a Half Code, kept in a cage, beaten regularly, and toughened up for when he turns 17 and receives his three gifts. Both black and white witches want him, hoping he will lead them to his father, the most powerful, evil, and reviled of all black witches. Both plan for Nathan to fulfill his vision and their ultimate goal: he will kill his father. But Nathan has no desire to kill anyone; he wants only to escape his shackles and gain his freedom. First-time author Green has written the first in what looks to be a horrifying, compelling trilogy that pushes the boundaries of what we believe to be good and evil. With racial overtones of such diverse titles as Roots (1976); Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852); Run, Boy, Run (2003); and the Harry Potter books, this will stretch the reader’s tolerance for graphic torture while mesmerizing with mystery and heart-stopping adventure. Nathan’s survival is tenuous and marvelous—and only just beginning.

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