Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and First Love by James Patterson

Two very different but AMAZING books...sadly no pictures...blogger is acting weird.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I have seen this book pass the circulation desk a lot, read all the great reviews but I waited.  I actually got this from the library awhile ago but returned it unread because I had so many other great books to read (#nerdgirlproblems).  It wasn't until my good friend and co-worker started reading it and convinced me to give it another go...and WOW... I am so glad I did.  The way Moriarty intertwined these three different stories into an unbelievable ending was epilogue I have read in a long time.  This would make a great book club selection...lots of discussion.

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, August 2013: Liane Moriary is probably doomed to be forever labeled a writer of “chick lit.” But despite its dopey name, her new novel, The Husband’s Secret, is better described as a comedy of manners and one with a serious undertone. As in her previous books, most successfully What Alice Forgot, Moriarty here wittily and observantly chronicles the life of middle aged, middle class Australian women, suburbanites who grapple with prosaic issues like marital fidelity and torturous ones like moral guilt and responsibility. You can’t help but laugh along with the small observations--“And there was poor little Rob, a teenage boy clumsily trying to make everything right, all false smiles and cheery lies. No wonder he became a real estate agent.” But it’s the big ones--Can good people do very, very bad things, and what, exactly, are we responsible for, and for how long?--that will make you think. This is a deceptively rich novel that transcends its era and place at the same time that it celebrates same. --Sara Nelson

First Love by James Patterson

Oh boy, this book.  First a warning, that might be kind of a spoiler, but you will need TISSUES, lots of them.  Reading this makes you remember falling in love for the first time and just how amazing and powerful and terrifying and wonderful it is.

Book Description via Amazon

Axi Moore is a "good girl": She studies hard, stays out of the spotlight, and doesn't tell anyone that what she really wants is to run away from it all. The only person she can tell is her best friend, Robinson--who she also happens to be madly in love with.

When Axi impulsively invites Robinson to come with her on an unplanned cross-country road trip, she breaks the rules for the first time in her life. But the adventure quickly turns from carefree to out-of-control...

A remarkably moving tale with its origins in James Patterson's own past, First Love is testament to the power of first love--and how it can change the rest of your life.

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