Friday, October 22, 2010

I Remember You by Harriet Evans

"Twelve years in bustling London have left Tess Tennant dumped by her boyfriend, out of work, and miserable. Still, maybe taking a new job as a classics professor at the tiny college in her picture-perfect hometown in the English countryside was a bit drastic. Langford’s stone cottages, quaint shops, and lifelong locals feel even smaller than she remembered, but at least Tess has Adam, her best and oldest friend. On a spontaneous birthday adventure back to the city, though, their painful and heartbreaking past forces them into an angry confrontation.
Tess escapes to Rome on a class trip and falls unexpectedly into the arms of Peter, a charming American journalist . . . until a tragedy cuts her vacation short. Back home and alone, Tess must slowly unravel her feelings about her secretive best friend, the romantic new lover she barely knows, and the independent woman she really wants to be." (

This was just OK.  I found myself disliking the main character, Tess.  She was a tad whiny and I wanted to periodically shake her throughout the story.  That said, it held my interest enough to finish it.  I would definitely take this out of the library but it is not one to purchase as a keeper.

***3/5 stars***

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